€¢ S: Bust: 86cm/ 33.9 in, Hips: 86cm/ 33.9 in, Waist: 66-69cm/ 26.0-27.2 in
€¢ M: Bust: 89cm/ 35.0 in, Hips: 90cm/ 35.4 in, Waist: 69-73cm/ 27.2-28.7 in
€¢ L: Bust: 93cm/ 36.6 in, Hips: 94cm/ 37.0 in, Waist: 73-78cm/ 28.7-30.7 in
€¢ XL: Bust: 98cm/ 38.6 in, Hips: 98cm/ 38.6 in, Waist: 78-82cm/ 30.7-32.3 in

Material: Polyester


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