This Star Girl Aesthetic Overall features a denim construction with a star-graffiti print

€¢ S: Waist: 72cm/ 28.3 in, Length: 98cm/ 38.6 in, Hips: 94cm/ 37.0 in
€¢ M: Waist: 76cm/ 29.9 in, Length: 99cm/ 38.9 in, Hips: 98cm/ 38.6 in
€¢ L: Waist: 80cm/ 31.5 in, Length: 100cm/ 39.4 in, Hips: 102cm/ 40.2 in
€¢ XL: Waist: 84cm/ 33.1 in, Length: 101cm/ 39.8 in, Hips: 106cm/ 41.7 in
€¢ XXL: Waist: 88cm/ 34.6 in, Length: 102cm/ 40.2 in, Hips: 110cm/ 43.3 in
Material: Denim


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